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On Performance Evaluation of Random Access Enhancements for 5G uRLLC

by   Jayashree Thota, et al.

One of the key challenges in realizing ultra-reliable low-latency communications (uRLLC) for factories-of-the-future (FoF) applications is to enhance the cellular random access channel (RACH) procedure. The state-of-the-art LTE RACH procedure does not fulfil the latency requirements for envisioned FoF applications. Moreover, it becomes challenging due to congestion and overloading from massive machine type communication (mMTC) devices leading to collisions especially in a densely populated factory scenarios. The main objective of this paper is to conduct a comprehensive performance evaluation of different random access (RA) enhancements for uRLLC over 5G wireless networks. Our performance evaluation is based on a realistic system-level simulator. The core enhancements considered in this work include early data transmission (EDT), reserved preambles and the use of flexible physical (PHY) layer numerology. We also propose three new RA enhancements for uRLLC. Performance evaluation demonstrates that the proposed RA enhancements can fulfil the 3GPP control plane target of less than 10 ms latency with 99.99 reliability in factory environments.


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