On multiple IoT data streams processing using LoRaWAN

by   Kunal Chowdhury, et al.

LoraWAN has turned out to be one of the most successful frameworks in IoT devices. Real world scenarios demand the use of such networks along with a robust stream processing application layer. To maintain the exactly once processing semantics one must ensure that we have proper ways to proactively detect message drops and handle the same. An important use case where stream processing plays a crucial role is joining various data streams that are transmitted via gateways connected to edge devices which are related to each other as part of some common business requirement. LoraWAN supports connectivity to multiple gateways for edge devices and by virtue of its different device classes, the network can send and receive messages in an effective way that conserves battery power as well as network bandwidth. Rather than relying on explicit acknowledgements for the transmitted messages we take the advantage of these characteristics of the devices to detect , handle missing messages and finally process them.



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