On Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles for Multi- Agent Systems: Future Research Trends in AI with a Human Face?

by   Andrzej Cichocki, et al.

This article discusses recent trends and concepts in developing new kinds of artificial intelligence (AI) systems which relate to complex facets and different types of human intelligence, especially social, emotional, and ethical intelligence, which to date have been under-discussed. We describe various aspects of multiple human intelligence and learning styles, which may impact on a variety of AI problem domains. Using the concept of multiple intelligence rather than a single type of intelligence, we categorize and provide working definitions of various AI depending on their cognitive skills or capacities. Future AI systems will be able not only to communicate with human actors and each other, but also to efficiently exchange knowledge with abilities of cooperation, collaboration and even co-creating something new and valuable and have meta-learning capacities. Multi-agent systems such as these can be used to solve problems that would be difficult to solve by any individual intelligent agent.



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