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On Matching Skulls to Digital Face Images: A Preliminary Approach

by   Shruti Nagpal, et al.
West Virginia University

Forensic application of automatically matching skull with face images is an important research area linking biometrics with practical applications in forensics. It is an opportunity for biometrics and face recognition researchers to help the law enforcement and forensic experts in giving an identity to unidentified human skulls. It is an extremely challenging problem which is further exacerbated due to lack of any publicly available database related to this problem. This is the first research in this direction with a two-fold contribution: (i) introducing the first of its kind skull-face image pair database, IdentifyMe, and (ii) presenting a preliminary approach using the proposed semi-supervised formulation of transform learning. The experimental results and comparison with existing algorithms showcase the challenging nature of the problem. We assert that the availability of the database will inspire researchers to build sophisticated skull-to-face matching algorithms.


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