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On Longest Common Property Preserved Substring Queries

by   Kazuki Kai, et al.
University of Warsaw

We revisit the problem of longest common property preserving substring queries introduced by Ayad et al. (SPIRE 2018, arXiv 2018). We consider a generalized and unified on-line setting, where we are given a set X of k strings of total length n that can be pre-processed so that, given a query string y and a positive integer k'≤ k, we can determine the longest substring of y that satisfies some specific property and is common to at least k' strings in X. Ayad et al. considered the longest square-free substring in an on-line setting and the longest periodic and palindromic substring in an off-line setting. In this paper, we give efficient solutions in the on-line setting for finding the longest common square, periodic, palindromic, and Lyndon substrings. More precisely, we show that X can be pre-processed in O(n) time resulting in a data structure of O(n) size that answers queries in O(|y|σ) time and O(1) working space, where σ is the size of the alphabet, and the common substring must be a square, a periodic substring, a palindrome, or a Lyndon word.


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