On Interference Channels with Gradual Data Arrival

08/20/2021 ∙ by Kamyar Moshksar, et al. ∙ 0

We study memoryless interference channels with gradual data arrival in the absence of feedback. The information bits arrive at the transmitters according to independent and asynchronous (Tx-Tx asynchrony) Bernoulli processes with average data rate λ. Each information source turns off after generating a number of n bits. In a scenario where the transmitters are unaware of the amount of Tx-Tx asynchrony, we say ϵ is an achievable outage level in the asymptote of large n if (i) the average transmission rate at each transmitter is λ and (ii) the probability that the bit-error-rate at each receiver does not eventually vanish is not larger than ϵ. Denoting the infimum of all achievable outage levels by ϵ(λ), the contribution of this paper is an upper bound (achievability result) on ϵ(λ). The proposed method of communication is a simple block transmission scheme where a transmitter sends a random point-to-point codeword upon availability of enough bits in its buffer. Both receivers that treat interference as noise or decode interference are addressed.



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