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On hybrid modular recommendation systems for video streaming

by   Evripidis Tzamousis, et al.
Foundation for Research & Technology-Hellas (FORTH)

The recommendation systems aim to improve the user engagement by recommending appropriate personalized content to users, exploiting information about their preferences. We propose the enabler, a hybrid recommendation system which employs various machine-learning (ML) algorithms for learning an efficient combination of several recommendation algorithms and selects the best blending for a given input.Specifically, it integrates three layers, namely, the trainer which trains the underlying recommenders, the blender which determines the most efficient combination of the recommenders, and the tester for assessing the performance of the system. The enabler incorporates a variety of recommendation algorithms that span from collaborative filtering and content-based techniques to ones based on neural networks. It uses the nested cross validation for automatically selecting the best ML algorithm along with its hyper-parameter values for the given input, according to a specific metric. The enabler can be easily extended to include other recommenders and blenders. The enabler has been extensively evaluated in the context of video-streaming. It outperforms various other algorithms, when tested on the Movielens 1M benchmark dataset.encouraging results. Moreover For example, it achieves an RMSE of 0.8206, compared to the state-of-the-art performance of the AutoRec and SVD, 0.827 and 0.845, respectively. A pilot web-based recommendation system was developed and tested in the production environment of a large telecom operator in Greece. Volunteer customers of the video-streaming service provided by the telecom operator employed the system in the context of an out-in-the-wild field study with a post-analysis of the enabler, using the collected ratings of the pilot, demonstrated that it significantly outperforms several popular recommendation algorithms.


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