On Generating Extended Summaries of Long Documents

by   Sajad Sotudeh, et al.

Prior work in document summarization has mainly focused on generating short summaries of a document. While this type of summary helps get a high-level view of a given document, it is desirable in some cases to know more detailed information about its salient points that can't fit in a short summary. This is typically the case for longer documents such as a research paper, legal document, or a book. In this paper, we present a new method for generating extended summaries of long papers. Our method exploits hierarchical structure of the documents and incorporates it into an extractive summarization model through a multi-task learning approach. We then present our results on three long summarization datasets, arXiv-Long, PubMed-Long, and Longsumm. Our method outperforms or matches the performance of strong baselines. Furthermore, we perform a comprehensive analysis over the generated results, shedding insights on future research for long-form summary generation task. Our analysis shows that our multi-tasking approach can adjust extraction probability distribution to the favor of summary-worthy sentences across diverse sections. Our datasets, and codes are publicly available at https://github.com/Georgetown-IR-Lab/ExtendedSumm



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On Generating Extended Summaries of Long Documents

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