On Functional Aggregate Queries with Additive Inequalities

by   Mahmoud Abo Khamis, et al.

Motivated by fundamental applications in databases and relational machine learning, we formulate and study the problem of answering Functional Aggregate Queries (FAQ) in which some of the input factors are defined by a collection of Additive Inequalities between variables. We refer to these queries as FAQ-AI for short. To answer FAQ-AI in the Boolean semiring, we define "relaxed" tree decompositions and "relaxed" submodular and fractional hypertree width parameters. We show that an extension of the InsideOut algorithm using Chazelle's geometric data structure for solving the semigroup range search problem can answer Boolean FAQ-AI in time given by these new width parameters. This new algorithm achieves lower complexity than known solutions for FAQ-AI. It also recovers some known results in database query answering. Our second contribution is a relaxation of the set of polymatroids that gives rise to the counting version of the submodular width, denoted by "#subw". This new width is sandwiched between the submodular and the fractional hypertree widths. Any FAQ and FAQ-AI over one semiring can be answered in time proportional to #subw and respectively to the relaxed version of #subw. We present three applications of our FAQ-AI framework to relational machine learning: k-means clustering, training linear support vector machines, and training models using non-polynomial loss. These optimization problems can be solved over a database asymptotically faster than computing the join of the database relations.


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