On Efficient Data Transfers Across Geographically Dispersed Datacenters

08/29/2019 ∙ by Mohammad Noormohammadpour, et al. ∙ 0

As applications become more distributed to improve user experience and offer higher availability, businesses rely on geographically dispersed datacenters that host such applications more than ever. Dedicated inter-datacenter networks have been built that provide high visibility into the network status and flexible control over traffic forwarding to offer quality communication across the instances of applications hosted on many datacenters. These networks are relatively small, with tens to hundreds of nodes and are managed by the same organization that operates the datacenters which make centralized traffic engineering feasible. Using coordinated data transmission from the services and routing over the inter-datacenter network, one can optimize the network performance according to a variety of utility functions that take into account data transfer deadlines, network capacity consumption, and transfer completion times. In this dissertation, we study techniques and algorithms for fast and efficient data transfers across geographically dispersed datacenters over the inter-datacenter networks. We discuss different forms and properties of inter-datacenter transfers and present a generalized optimization framework to maximize an operator selected utility function. Next, in the several chapters that follow, we study, in detail, the problems of admission control for transfers with deadlines and inter-datacenter multicast transfers. For the admission control problem, our solutions offer significant speed up in the admission control process while offering almost identical performance in the total traffic admitted into the network. For the bulk multicasting problem, our techniques enable significant performance gain in receiver completion times with low computational complexity, which makes them highly applicable to inter-datacenter networks.



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