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On amenability of constraint satisfaction problems

by   Michal R. Przybylek, et al.
University of Warsaw

Recent results show that a constraint satisfaction problem (CSP) defined over rational numbers with their natural ordering has a solution if and only if it has a definable solution. The proof uses advanced results from topology and modern model theory. The aim of this paper is threefold. (1) We give a simple purely-logical proof of the claim and show that the advanced results from topology and model theory are not needed; (2) we introduce an intrinsic characterisation of the statement "definable CSP has a solution iff it has a definable solution" and investigate it in general intuitionistic set theories (3) we show that the results from modern model theory are indeed needed, but for the implication reversed: we prove that "definable CSP has a solution iff it has a definable solution" holds over a countable structure if and only if the automorphism group of the structure is extremely amenable.


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