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OFAR: A Multimodal Evidence Retrieval Framework for Illegal Live-streaming Identification

by   Lin Dengtian, et al.
Shandong University
Alibaba Group
Peking University

Illegal live-streaming identification, which aims to help live-streaming platforms immediately recognize the illegal behaviors in the live-streaming, such as selling precious and endangered animals, plays a crucial role in purifying the network environment. Traditionally, the live-streaming platform needs to employ some professionals to manually identify the potential illegal live-streaming. Specifically, the professional needs to search for related evidence from a large-scale knowledge database for evaluating whether a given live-streaming clip contains illegal behavior, which is time-consuming and laborious. To address this issue, in this work, we propose a multimodal evidence retrieval system, named OFAR, to facilitate the illegal live-streaming identification. OFAR consists of three modules: Query Encoder, Document Encoder, and MaxSim-based Contrastive Late Intersection. Both query encoder and document encoder are implemented with the advanced OFA encoder, which is pretrained on a large-scale multimodal dataset. In the last module, we introduce contrastive learning on the basis of the MaxiSim-based late intersection, to enhance the model's ability of query-document matching. The proposed framework achieves significant improvement on our industrial dataset TaoLive, demonstrating the advances of our scheme.


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