Octo-Tiger's New Hydro Module and Performance Using HPX+CUDA on ORNL's Summit

by   Patrick Diehl, et al.

Octo-Tiger is a code for modeling three-dimensional self-gravitating astrophysical fluids. It was particularly designed for the study of dynamical mass transfer between interacting binary stars. Octo-Tiger is parallelized for distributed systems using the asynchronous many-task runtime system, the C++ standard library for parallelism and concurrency (HPX) and utilizes CUDA for its gravity solver. Recently, we have remodeled Octo-Tiger's hydro solver to use a three-dimensional reconstruction scheme. In addition, we have ported the hydro solver to GPU using CUDA kernels. We present scaling results for the new hydro kernels on ORNL's Summit machine using a Sedov-Taylor blast wave problem. We also compare Octo-Tiger's new hydro scheme with its old hydro scheme, using a rotating star as a test problem.


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