Obtaining Progress Guarantee and GreaterConcurrency in Multi-Version Object Semantics

by   Chirag Juyal, et al.
Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad
Michigan State University

Software Transactional Memory Systems (STMs) provides ease of multithreading to the programmer withoutworrying about concurrency issues such as deadlock, livelock, priority inversion, etc. Most of the STMs workson read-write operations known as RWSTMs. Some STMs work at high-level operations and ensure greaterconcurrency than RWSTMs. Such STMs are known as Object-Based STMs (OSTMs). The transactions of OSTMscan return commit or abort. Aborted OSTMs transactions retry. But in the current setting of OSTMs, transactionsmay starve. So, we proposed a Starvation-Free OSTM (SF-OSTM) which ensures starvation-freedom whilesatisfying the correctness criteria as opacity.Databases, RWSTMs and OSTMs say that maintaining multiple versions corresponding to each key reduces thenumber of aborts and improves the throughput. So, to achieve the greater concurrency, we proposed Starvation-Free Multi-Version OSTM (SF-MVOSTM) which ensures starvation-freedom while storing multiple versioncorresponding to each key and satisfies the correctness criteria as local opacity. To show the performance benefits,We implemented three variants of SF-MVOSTM and compare its performance with state-of-the-art STMs


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