Observation-Assisted Heuristic Synthesis of Covert Attackers Against Unknown Supervisors

by   Liyong Lin, et al.

In this work, we address the problem of synthesis of covert attackers in the setup where the model of the plant is available, but the model of the supervisor is unknown, to the adversary. To compensate the lack of knowledge on the supervisor, we assume that the adversary has recorded a (prefix-closed) finite set of observations of the runs of the closed-loop system, which can be used for assisting the synthesis. We present a heuristic algorithm for the synthesis of covert damage-reachable attackers, based on the model of the plant and the (finite) set of observations, by a transformation into solving an instance of the partial-observation supervisor synthesis problem. The heuristic algorithm developed in this paper may allow the adversary to synthesize covert attackers without having to know the model of the supervisor, which could be hard to obtain in practice. For simplicity, we shall only consider covert attackers that are able to carry out sensor replacement attacks and actuator disablement attacks. The effectiveness of our approach is illustrated on a water tank example adapted from the literature.



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