Numerical Solution of Compressible Euler and Magnetohydrodynamic flow past an infinite cone

10/20/2019 ∙ by Ian Holloway, et al. ∙ 0

A numerical scheme is developed for systems of conservation laws on manifolds which arise in high speed aerodynamics and magneto-aerodynamics. The systems are presented in an arbitrary coordinate system on the manifold and involve source terms which account for the curvature of the domain. In order for a numerical method to accurately capture the behavior of the system it is solving, the equations must be discretized in a way that is not only consistent in value, but also models the appropriate character of the system. Such a discretization is presented in this work which preserves the tensorial transformation relationships involved in formulating equations in a curved space. A numerical method is then developed and applied to the conical Euler and Ideal Magnetohydrodynamic equations. To the author's knowledge, this is the first demonstration of a numerical solver for the conical Ideal MHD equations.



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