Numerical Energy Dissipation for Time-Fractional Phase-Field Equations

09/14/2020 ∙ by Chaoyu Quan, et al. ∙ 0

The energy dissipation is an important and essential property of classical phase-field equations. However, it is still unknown if the phase-field models with Caputo time-fractional derivative preserve this property, which is challenging due to the existence of both nonlocality and nonlinearity. Our recent work shows that on the continuous level, the time-fractional energy dissipation law and the weighted energy dissipation law can be achieved. Inspired by them, we study in this article the energy dissipation of some numerical schemes for time-fractional phase-field models, including the convex-splitting scheme, the stabilization scheme, and the scalar auxiliary variable scheme. Based on a lemma about a special Cholesky decomposition, it can be proved that the discrete fractional derivative of energy is nonpositive, i.e., the discrete time-fractional energy dissipation law, and that a discrete weighted energy can be constructed to be dissipative, i.e., the discrete weighted energy dissipation law. In addition, some numerical tests are provided to verify our theoretical analysis.



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