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Numerical bifurcation analysis of renewal equations via pseudospectral approximation

by   Francesca Scarabel, et al.

We propose an approximation of nonlinear renewal equations by means of ordinary differential equations. We consider the integrated state, which is absolutely continuous and satisfies a delay differential equation. By applying the pseudospectral approach to the abstract formulation of the differential equation, we obtain an approximating system of ordinary differential equations. We present convergence proofs for equilibria and the associated characteristic roots, and we use some models from ecology and epidemiology to illustrate the benefits of the approach to perform numerical bifurcation analyses of equilibria and periodic solutions. The numerical simulations show that the implementation of the new approximating system is ten times more efficient than the one originally proposed in [Breda et al, SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems, 2016], as it avoids the numerical inversion of an algebraic equation.


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