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NPT-Loss: A Metric Loss with Implicit Mining for Face Recognition

by   Syed Safwan Khalid, et al.

Face recognition (FR) using deep convolutional neural networks (DCNNs) has seen remarkable success in recent years. One key ingredient of DCNN-based FR is the appropriate design of a loss function that ensures discrimination between various identities. The state-of-the-art (SOTA) solutions utilise normalised Softmax loss with additive and/or multiplicative margins. Despite being popular, these Softmax+margin based losses are not theoretically motivated and the effectiveness of a margin is justified only intuitively. In this work, we utilise an alternative framework that offers a more direct mechanism of achieving discrimination among the features of various identities. We propose a novel loss that is equivalent to a triplet loss with proxies and an implicit mechanism of hard-negative mining. We give theoretical justification that minimising the proposed loss ensures a minimum separability between all identities. The proposed loss is simple to implement and does not require heavy hyper-parameter tuning as in the SOTA solutions. We give empirical evidence that despite its simplicity, the proposed loss consistently achieves SOTA performance in various benchmarks for both high-resolution and low-resolution FR tasks.


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