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Novel Recording Studio Features for Music Information Retrieval

by   Tim Ziemer, et al.

In the recording studio, producers of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) spend more time creating, shaping, mixing and mastering sounds, than with compositional aspects or arrangement. They tune the sound by close listening and by leveraging audio metering and audio analysis tools, until they successfully creat the desired sound aesthetics. DJs of EDM tend to play sets of songs that meet their sound ideal. We therefore suggest using audio metering and monitoring tools from the recording studio to analyze EDM, instead of relying on conventional low-level audio features. We test our novel set of features by a simple classification task. We attribute songs to DJs who would play the specific song. This new set of features and the focus on DJ sets is targeted at EDM as it takes the producer and DJ culture into account. With simple dimensionality reduction and machine learning these features enable us to attribute a song to a DJ with an accuracy of 63 metering and monitoring tools in the recording studio could serve for many applications in Music Information Retrieval, such as genre, style and era classification and music recommendation for both DJs and consumers of electronic dance music.


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