Novel Information-theoretic Game-theoretical Insights to Broadcasting in Internet-of-UAVs

by   Makan Zamanipour, et al.

For the Internet-of-unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) some challenges in broadcasting and from new points of view are explored. In this paper, first, we investigate a single broadcast transceiver. From a control of noisy-channel viewpoint, we consider: (i) Alice sends 𝒳 to Bob as more efficient as possible while she wishes Bob not to get access to the private message 𝒮 regarding the correlation between 𝒮 and 𝒳 - i.e., Alice purposefully sends a turbulent-flow of the information to Bob; and (ii) where (Θ_1;Θ_2 ) is the control-action-pair which actualise a pursuit-Evasion. We consider dissipativity in our system due to the memory effect relating to the previous states. We thus propose a federated-learning based Blahut-Arimoto algorithm while a 2-D dissipativity-theoretic continuous-Mean-Field-Game (MFG) is proposed with regard to (w.r.t.) a joint probability-distribution-function (PDF) of the population distribution - relating to a continuous-control-law. We also analyse what if Alice is owed to multiple Bobs in a multi-user scenario which we apply a bankruptcy based 3-level nested game for.


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