Notes on the Boussinesq-Full dispersion systems for internal waves: Numerical solution and solitary waves

by   V. A. Dougalis, et al.

In this paper we study some theoretical and numerical issues of the Boussinesq/Full dispersion system. This is a a three-parameter system of pde's that models the propagation of internal waves along the interface of two-fluid layers with rigid lid condition for the upper layer, and under a Boussinesq regime for the upper layer and a full dispersion regime for the lower layer. We first discretize in space the periodic initial-value problem with a Fourier-Galerkin spectral method and prove error estimates for several ranges of values of the parameters. Solitary waves of the model systems are then studied numerically in several ways. The numerical generation is analyzed by approximating the ode system with periodic boundary conditions for the solitary-wave profiles with a Fourier spectral scheme, implemented in a collocation form, and solving iteratively the corresponding algebraic system in Fourier space with the Petviashvili method accelerated with the minimal polynomial extrapolation technique. Motivated by the numerical results, a new result of existence of solitary waves is proved. In the last part of the paper, the dynamics of these solitary waves is studied computationally, To this end, the semidiscrete systems obtained from the Fourier-Galerkin discretization in space are integrated numerically in time by a Runge-Kutta Composition method of order four. The fully discrete scheme is used to explore numerically the stability of solitary waves, their collisions, and the resolution of other initial conditions into solitary waves.



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