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Norm-Scaling for Out-of-Distribution Detection

by   Deepak Ravikumar, et al.
Purdue University

Out-of-Distribution (OoD) inputs are examples that do not belong to the true underlying distribution of the dataset. Research has shown that deep neural nets make confident mispredictions on OoD inputs. Therefore, it is critical to identify OoD inputs for safe and reliable deployment of deep neural nets. Often a threshold is applied on a similarity score to detect OoD inputs. One such similarity is angular similarity which is the dot product of latent representation with the mean class representation. Angular similarity encodes uncertainty, for example, if the angular similarity is less, it is less certain that the input belongs to that class. However, we observe that, different classes have different distributions of angular similarity. Therefore, applying a single threshold for all classes is not ideal since the same similarity score represents different uncertainties for different classes. In this paper, we propose norm-scaling which normalizes the logits separately for each class. This ensures that a single value consistently represents similar uncertainty for various classes. We show that norm-scaling, when used with maximum softmax probability detector, achieves 9.78 AUPR and 33.19 methods.


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