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Nonparametric, Nonasymptotic Confidence Bands with Paley-Wiener Kernels for Band-Limited Functions

by   Balázs Csanád Csáji, et al.
MTA SZTAKI (Institute for Computer Science and Control)

The paper introduces a method to construct confidence bands for bounded, band-limited functions based on a finite sample of input-output pairs. The approach is distribution-free w.r.t. the observation noises and only the knowledge of the input distribution is assumed. It is nonparametric, that is, it does not require a parametric model of the regression function and the regions have non-asymptotic guarantees. The algorithm is based on the theory of Paley-Wiener reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces. The paper first studies the fully observable variant, when there are no noises on the observations and only the inputs are random; then it generalizes the ideas to the noisy case using gradient-perturbation methods. Finally, numerical experiments demonstrating both cases are presented.


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