Nonparametric Bayesian analysis of the compound Poisson prior for support boundary recovery

by   Markus Reiß, et al.
universiteit leiden
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Given data from a Poisson point process with intensity (x,y) n 1(f(x)≤ y), frequentist properties for the Bayesian reconstruction of the support boundary function f are derived. We mainly study compound Poisson process priors with fixed intensity proving that the posterior contracts with nearly optimal rate for monotone and piecewise constant support boundaries and adapts to Hölder smooth boundaries with smoothness index at most one. We then derive a non-standard Bernstein-von Mises result for a compound Poisson process prior and a function space with increasing parameter dimension. As an intermediate result the limiting shape of the posterior for random histogram type priors is obtained. In both settings, it is shown that the marginal posterior of the functional ϑ =∫ f performs an automatic bias correction and contracts with a faster rate than the MLE. In this case, (1-α)-credible sets are also asymptotic (1-α)-confidence intervals. As a negative result, it is shown that the frequentist coverage of credible sets is lost for linear functions indicating that credible sets only have frequentist coverage for priors that are specifically constructed to match properties of the underlying true function.


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