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Nonlinear Simplex Regression Models

by   Patricia Espinheira, et al.

In this paper, we propose a simplex regression model in which both the mean and the dispersion parameters are related to covariates by nonlinear predictors. We provide closed-form expressions for the score function, for Fisher's information matrix and its inverse. Some diagnostic measures are introduced. We propose a residual, obtained using Fisher's scoring iterative scheme for the estimation of the parameters that index the regression nonlinear predictor to the mean response and numerically evaluate its behaviour. We also derive the appropriate matrices for assessing local influence on the parameter estimates under different perturbation schemes. We also proposed a scheme for the choice of starting values for the Fisher's iterative scheme for nonlinear simplex models. The diagnostic techniques were applied on actual data. The local influence analyses reveal that the simplex models can be a modeling alternative more robust to influential cases than the beta regression models, both to linear and nonlinear models.


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