Non-Verbal Communication Analysis in Victim-Offender Mediations

by   Víctor Ponce-López, et al.

In this paper we present a non-invasive ambient intelligence framework for the semi-automatic analysis of non-verbal communication applied to the restorative justice field. In particular, we propose the use of computer vision and social signal processing technologies in real scenarios of Victim-Offender Mediations, applying feature extraction techniques to multi-modal audio-RGB-depth data. We compute a set of behavioral indicators that define communicative cues from the fields of psychology and observational methodology. We test our methodology on data captured in real world Victim-Offender Mediation sessions in Catalonia in collaboration with the regional government. We define the ground truth based on expert opinions when annotating the observed social responses. Using different state-of-the-art binary classification approaches, our system achieves recognition accuracies of 86 when predicting satisfaction, and 79 receptivity. Applying a regression strategy, we obtain a mean deviation for the predictions between 0.5 and 0.7 in the range [1-5] for the computed social signals.



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