Non-Symmetric Coded Caching for Location-Dependent Content Delivery

by   Hamidreza Bakhshzad Mahmoodi, et al.

Immersive viewing is emerging as the next interface evolution for human-computer interaction. A truly wireless immersive application necessitates immense data delivery with ultra-low latency, raising stringent requirements for next-generation wireless networks. A potential solution for addressing these requirements is through the efficient usage of in-device storage and computation capabilities. This paper proposes a novel location-based coded cache placement and delivery scheme, which leverages the nested code modulation (NCM) to enable multi-rate multicasting transmission. To provide a uniform quality of experience in different network locations, we formulate a linear programming cache allocation problem. Next, based on the users' spatial realizations, we adopt an NCM based coded delivery algorithm to efficiently serve a distinct group of users during each transmission. Numerical results demonstrate that the proposed location-based delivery method significantly increases transmission efficiency compared to state of the art.



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