Non-RLL DC-Balance based on a Pre-scrambled Polar Encoder for Beacon-based Visible Light Communication Systems

by   Duc-Phuc Nguyen, et al.

Current flicker mitigation (or DC-balance) solutions based on run-length limited (RLL) decoding algorithms are high in complexity, suffer from reduced code rates, or are limited in application to hard-decoding forward error correction (FEC) decoders. Fortunately, non-RLL DC-balance solutions can overcome the drawbacks of RLL-based algorithms, but they meet some difficulties in system latency, low code rate or inferior error-correction performance. Recently, non-RLL flicker mitigation solution based on Polar code has proved to be a most optimal approach due to its natural equal probabilities of short runs of 1's and 0's with high error-correction performance. However, we found that this solution can only maintain DC balance only when the data frame length is sufficiently long. Therefore, these solutions are not suitable for using in beacon-based visible light communication (VLC) systems, which usually transmit ID information in small-size data frames. In this paper, we introduce a flicker mitigation solution designed for beacon-based VLC systems that combines a simple pre-scrambler with a (256;158) non-systematic polar encoder.


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