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Non-Local Video Denoising by CNN

by   Axel Davy, et al.

Non-local patch based methods were until recently state-of-the-art for image denoising but are now outperformed by CNNs. Yet they are still the best ones for video denoising, as video redundancy is a key factor to attain high denoising performance. The problem is that CNN architectures are hardly compatible with the search for self-similarities. In this work we propose a new and efficient way to feed video self-similarities to a CNN. The non-locality is incorporated into the network via a first non-trainable layer which finds for each patch in the input image its most similar patches in a search region. The central values of these patches are then gathered in a feature vector which is assigned to each image pixel. This information is presented to a CNN which is trained to predict the clean image. We apply the proposed architecture to image and video denoising. For the latter patches are searched for in a 3D spatio-temporal volume. The proposed architecture achieves state-of-the-art results, specially in video denoising, where it outperforms most state-of-the-art methods. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first successful application of a CNN to video denoising.


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