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Non-linear Hysteresis Compensation of a Tendon-sheath-driven Robotic Manipulator using Motor Current

by   Dong-Ho Lee, et al.
KAIST 수리과학과
Siemens Healthineers

Tendon-sheath-driven manipulators (TSM) are widely used in minimally invasive surgical systems due to their long, thin shape, flexibility, and compliance making them easily steerable in narrow or tortuous environments. Many commercial TSM-based medical devices have non-linear phenomena resulting from their composition such as backlash and dead zone hysteresis, which lead to a considerable challenge for achieving precise control of the end effector pose. However, many recent works in the literature do not consider the combined effects and compensation of these phenomena, and less focus on practical ways to identify model parameters in real field. In this paper, we propose a simplified piece-wise linear model to compensate both backlash and dead zone hysteresis together. Further, we introduce a practical method to identify model parameters using motor current from a robotic controller for the TSM. We analyze our proposed methods with multiple Intra-cardiac Echocardiography catheters, which are typical commercial example of TSM. Our results show that the errors from backlash and dead zone hysteresis are considerably reduced and therefore the accuracy of robotic control is improved when applying the presented methods.


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