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Non-invasive hemodynamic analysis for aortic regurgitation using computational fluid dynamics and deep learning

by   Derek Long, et al.
The University of Auckland

Changes in cardiovascular hemodynamics are closely related to the development of aortic regurgitation (AR), a type of valvular heart disease. Pressure gradients derived from blood flows are used to indicate AR onset and evaluate its severity. These metrics can be non-invasively obtained using four-dimensional (4D) flow magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), where accuracy is primarily dependent on spatial resolution. However, insufficient resolution often results from limitations in 4D flow MRI and complex AR hemodynamics. To address this, computational fluid dynamics simulations were transformed into synthetic 4D flow MRI data and used to train a variety of neural networks. These networks generated super resolution, full-field phase images with an upsample factor of 4. Results showed decreased velocity error, high structural similarity scores, and improved learning capabilities from previous work. Further validation was performed on two sets of in-vivo 4D flow MRI data and demonstrated success in de-noising flow images. This approach presents an opportunity to comprehensively analyse AR hemodynamics in a non-invasive manner.


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