Non-Autoregressive Machine Translation with Latent Alignments

by   Chitwan Saharia, et al.

This paper investigates two latent alignment models for non-autoregressive machine translation, namely CTC and Imputer. CTC generates outputs in a single step, makes strong conditional independence assumptions about output variables, and marginalizes out latent alignments using dynamic programming. Imputer generates outputs in a constant number of steps, and approximately marginalizes out possible generation orders and latent alignments for training. These models are simpler than existing non-autoregressive methods, since they do not require output length prediction as a pre-process. In addition, our architecture is simpler than typical encoder-decoder architectures, since input-output cross attention is not used. On the competitive WMT'14 En→De task, our CTC model achieves 25.7 BLEU with a single generation step, while Imputer achieves 27.5 BLEU with 2 generation steps, and 28.0 BLEU with 4 generation steps. This compares favourably to the baseline autoregressive Transformer with 27.8 BLEU.


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