Non-asymptotic Optimal Prediction Error for RKHS-based Partially Functional Linear Models

by   Xiaoyu Lei, et al.

Under the framework of reproducing kernel Hilbert space (RKHS), we consider the penalized least-squares of the partially functional linear models (PFLM), whose predictor contains both functional and traditional multivariate part, and the multivariate part allows a divergent number of parameters. From the non-asymptotic point of view, we focus on the rate-optimal upper and lower bounds of the prediction error. An exact upper bound for the excess prediction risk is shown in a non-asymptotic form under a more general assumption known as the effective dimension to the model, by which we also show the prediction consistency when the number of multivariate covariates p slightly increases with the sample size n. Our new finding implies a trade-off between the number of non-functional predictors and the effective dimension of the kernel principal components to ensure the prediction consistency in the increasing-dimensional setting. The analysis in our proof hinges on the spectral condition of the sandwich operator of the covariance operator and the reproducing kernel, and on the concentration inequalities for the random elements in Hilbert space. Finally, we derive the non-asymptotic minimax lower bound under the regularity assumption of Kullback-Leibler divergence of the models.



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