NollySenti: Leveraging Transfer Learning and Machine Translation for Nigerian Movie Sentiment Classification

by   Iyanuoluwa Shode, et al.

Africa has over 2000 indigenous languages but they are under-represented in NLP research due to lack of datasets. In recent years, there have been progress in developing labeled corpora for African languages. However, they are often available in a single domain and may not generalize to other domains. In this paper, we focus on the task of sentiment classification for cross domain adaptation. We create a new dataset, NollySenti - based on the Nollywood movie reviews for five languages widely spoken in Nigeria (English, Hausa, Igbo, Nigerian-Pidgin, and Yoruba. We provide an extensive empirical evaluation using classical machine learning methods and pre-trained language models. Leveraging transfer learning, we compare the performance of cross-domain adaptation from Twitter domain, and cross-lingual adaptation from English language. Our evaluation shows that transfer from English in the same target domain leads to more than 5 same language. To further mitigate the domain difference, we leverage machine translation (MT) from English to other Nigerian languages, which leads to a further improvement of 7 low-resource languages are often of low quality, through human evaluation, we show that most of the translated sentences preserve the sentiment of the original English reviews.


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