NoFake at CheckThat! 2021: Fake News Detection Using BERT

by   Sushma Kumari, et al.

Much research has been done for debunking and analysing fake news. Many researchers study fake news detection in the last year, but many are limited to social media data. Currently, multiples fact-checkers are publishing their results in various formats. Also, multiple fact-checkers use different labels for the fake news, making it difficult to make a generalisable classifier. With the merge classes, the performance of the machine model can be enhanced. This domain categorisation will help group the article, which will help save the manual effort in assigning the claim verification. In this paper, we have presented BERT based classification model to predict the domain and classification. We have also used additional data from fact-checked articles. We have achieved a macro F1 score of 83.76 using the additional training data.


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