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NN3A: Neural Network supported Acoustic Echo Cancellation, Noise Suppression and Automatic Gain Control for Real-Time Communications

by   Ziteng Wang, et al.

Acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), noise suppression (NS) and automatic gain control (AGC) are three often required modules for real-time communications (RTC). This paper proposes a neural network supported algorithm for RTC, namely NN3A, which incorporates an adaptive filter and a multi-task model for residual echo suppression, noise reduction and near-end speech activity detection. The proposed algorithm is shown to outperform both a method using separate models and an end-to-end alternative. It is further shown that there exists a trade-off in the model between residual suppression and near-end speech distortion, which could be balanced by a novel loss weighting function. Several practical aspects of training the joint model are also investigated to push its performance to limit.


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