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New approach for a stable multi-criteria ridesharing system

by   Sawsen Ben Nasr, et al.

The witnessed boom in mobility results in many problems such as urbanization, costly construction of many highways and air pollution. In an attempt to address these problems, in this master, we are interested in the implementation of a ridesharing system. Ridesharing is recognized as a highly effective means of transport to solve energy consumption, environmental pollution and traffic congestion issues. Indeed, ridesharing can reduce the number of vehicles on the roads to avoid traffic jams and thus it contributes to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Its main thrust resides in sharing transport expenses, meeting different people and making traveling more enjoyable. In this respect, we introduce in this dissertation an effective ridesharing system, called the Stable Multi-Criteria Rideshare Matching (SMRM) system, that (i) considers users' personal preferences when sharing a private space with others and (ii) enables a stable matching between driver and passenger sets. The performed experiments show that the introduced system outperforms its competitors in terms of stability quality and cost. Keywords: Smart cities, Social sustainability, Ridesharing , Social preferences , TOPSIS , Stable marriage .


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