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NeuralMarker: A Framework for Learning General Marker Correspondence

by   Zhaoyang Huang, et al.

We tackle the problem of estimating correspondences from a general marker, such as a movie poster, to an image that captures such a marker. Conventionally, this problem is addressed by fitting a homography model based on sparse feature matching. However, they are only able to handle plane-like markers and the sparse features do not sufficiently utilize appearance information. In this paper, we propose a novel framework NeuralMarker, training a neural network estimating dense marker correspondences under various challenging conditions, such as marker deformation, harsh lighting, etc. Besides, we also propose a novel marker correspondence evaluation method circumstancing annotations on real marker-image pairs and create a new benchmark. We show that NeuralMarker significantly outperforms previous methods and enables new interesting applications, including Augmented Reality (AR) and video editing.


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