Neural Termination Analysis

by   Mirco Giacobbe, et al.

We introduce a novel approach to the automated termination analysis of computer programs: we train neural networks to act as ranking functions. Ranking functions map program states to values that are bounded from below and decrease as the program runs. The existence of a valid ranking function proves that the program terminates. While in the past ranking functions were usually constructed using static analysis, our method learns them from sampled executions. We train a neural network so that its output decreases along execution traces as a ranking function would; then, we use formal reasoning to verify whether it generalises to all possible executions. We present a custom loss function for learning lexicographic ranking functions and use satisfiability modulo theories for verification. Thanks to the ability of neural networks to generalise well, our method succeeds over a wide variety of programs. This includes programs that use data structures from standard libraries. We built a prototype analyser for Java bytecode and show the efficacy of our method over a standard dataset of benchmarks.



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