Neural Oscillations for Encoding and Decoding Declarative Memory using EEG Signals

by   Jenifer Kalafatovich, et al.

Declarative memory has been studied for its relationship with remembering daily life experiences. Previous studies reported changes in power spectra during encoding phase related to behavioral performance, however decoding phase still needs to be explored. This study investigates neural oscillations changes related to memory process. Participants were asked to perform a memory task for encoding and decoding phase while EEG signals were recorded. Results showed that for encoding phase, there was a significant decrease of power in low beta, high beta bands over fronto-central area and a decrease in low beta, high beta and gamma bands over left temporal area related to successful subsequent memory effects. For decoding phase, only significant decreases of alpha power were observed over fronto-central area. This finding showed relevance of beta and alpha band for encoding and decoding phase of a memory task respectively.


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