Neural Networks for Data-Based Turbulence Models

06/10/2018 ∙ by Andrea D. Beck, et al. ∙ 0

In this work, we present a novel, data-based approach to turbulence modelling for Large Eddy Simulation. We define the exact closure terms including the discretization operators and generate training data from direct numerical simulations of decaying homogeneous isotropic turbulence. We design and train artificial neural networks based on local convolution filters to predict the underlying unknown non-linear mapping from the coarse grid quantities to the closure terms without a priori assumptions. All investigated networks are able to generalize from the data and learn approximations with a cross correlation of up to 47 that the current training success is data-bound. We further show that selecting both the coarse grid primitive variables as well as the coarse grid LES operator as input features significantly improves training results. Finally, we construct a stable and accurate LES model from the learned closure terms. Therefore, we translate the model predictions into a data-adaptive, pointwise eddy viscosity closure and show that the resulting LES scheme performs well compared to current state of the art approaches. This work represents the starting point for further research into data-driven, universal turbulence models.



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