Neural network-based image reconstruction in swept-source optical coherence tomography using undersampled spectral data

by   Yijie Zhang, et al.

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is a widely used non-invasive biomedical imaging modality that can rapidly provide volumetric images of samples. Here, we present a deep learning-based image reconstruction framework that can generate swept-source OCT (SS-OCT) images using undersampled spectral data, without any spatial aliasing artifacts. This neural network-based image reconstruction does not require any hardware changes to the optical set-up and can be easily integrated with existing swept-source or spectral domain OCT systems to reduce the amount of raw spectral data to be acquired. To show the efficacy of this framework, we trained and blindly tested a deep neural network using mouse embryo samples imaged by an SS-OCT system. Using 2-fold undersampled spectral data (i.e., 640 spectral points per A-line), the trained neural network can blindly reconstruct 512 A-lines in  6.73 ms using a desktop computer, removing spatial aliasing artifacts due to spectral undersampling, also presenting a very good match to the images of the same samples, reconstructed using the full spectral OCT data (i.e., 1280 spectral points per A-line). We also successfully demonstrate that this framework can be further extended to process 3x undersampled spectral data per A-line, with some performance degradation in the reconstructed image quality compared to 2x spectral undersampling. This deep learning-enabled image reconstruction approach can be broadly used in various forms of spectral domain OCT systems, helping to increase their imaging speed without sacrificing image resolution and signal-to-noise ratio.


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