Neural Network Approach for Eye Detection

by   Vijayalaxmi, et al.

Driving support systems, such as car navigation systems are becoming common and they support driver in several aspects. Non-intrusive method of detecting Fatigue and drowsiness based on eye-blink count and eye directed instruction controlhelps the driver to prevent from collision caused by drowsy driving. Eye detection and tracking under various conditions such as illumination, background, face alignment and facial expression makes the problem complex.Neural Network based algorithm is proposed in this paper to detect the eyes efficiently. In the proposed algorithm, first the neural Network is trained to reject the non-eye regionbased on images with features of eyes and the images with features of non-eye using Gabor filter and Support Vector Machines to reduce the dimension and classify efficiently. In the algorithm, first the face is segmented using L*a*btransform color space, then eyes are detected using HSV and Neural Network approach. The algorithm is tested on nearly 100 images of different persons under different conditions and the results are satisfactory with success rate of 98 with 50 non-eye images and 50 eye images with different angles using Gabor filter. This paper is a part of research work on "Development of Non-Intrusive system for real-time Monitoring and Prediction of Driver Fatigue and drowsiness" project sponsored by Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India, New Delhi at Vignan Institute of Technology and Sciences, Vignan Hills, Hyderabad.



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