Neural Net Model for Featured Word Extraction

by   A. Das, et al.

Search engines perform the task of retrieving information related to the user-supplied query words. This task has two parts; one is finding "featured words" which describe an article best and the other is finding a match among these words to user-defined search terms. There are two main independent approaches to achieve this task. The first one, using the concepts of semantics, has been implemented partially. For more details see another paper of Marko et al., 2002. The second approach is reported in this paper. It is a theoretical model based on using Neural Network (NN). Instead of using keywords or reading from the first few lines from papers/articles, the present model gives emphasis on extracting "featured words" from an article. Obviously we propose to exclude prepositions, articles and so on, that is, English words like "of, the, are, so, therefore, " etc. from such a list. A neural model is taken with its nodes pre-assigned energies. Whenever a match is found with featured words and userdefined search words, the node is fired and jumps to a higher energy. This firing continues until the model attains a steady energy level and total energy is now calculated. Clearly, higher match will generate higher energy; so on the basis of total energy, a ranking is done to the article indicating degree of relevance to the user's interest. Another important feature of the proposed model is incorporating a semantic module to refine the search words; like finding association among search words, etc. In this manner, information retrieval can be improved markedly.



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