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Neural Machine Translation System of Indic Languages – An Attention based Approach

by   Parth Shah, et al.
Yahoo! Inc.

Neural machine translation (NMT) is a recent and effective technique which led to remarkable improvements in comparison of conventional machine translation techniques. Proposed neural machine translation model developed for the Gujarati language contains encoder-decoder with attention mechanism. In India, almost all the languages are originated from their ancestral language - Sanskrit. They are having inevitable similarities including lexical and named entity similarity. Translating into Indic languages is always be a challenging task. In this paper, we have presented the neural machine translation system (NMT) that can efficiently translate Indic languages like Hindi and Gujarati that together covers more than 58.49 percentage of total speakers in the country. We have compared the performance of our NMT model with automatic evaluation matrices such as BLEU, perplexity and TER matrix. The comparison of our network with Google translate is also presented where it outperformed with a margin of 6 BLEU score on English-Gujarati translation.


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