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Neural Comic Style Transfer: Case Study

by   Maciej Pęśko, et al.
Politechnika Warszawska

The work by Gatys et al. [1] recently showed a neural style algorithm that can produce an image in the style of another image. Some further works introduced various improvements regarding generalization, quality and efficiency, but each of them was mostly focused on styles such as paintings, abstract images or photo-realistic style. In this paper, we present a comparison of how state-of-the-art style transfer methods cope with transferring various comic styles on different images. We select different combinations of Adaptive Instance Normalization [11] and Universal Style Transfer [16] models and confront them to find their advantages and disadvantages in terms of qualitative and quantitative analysis. Finally, we present the results of a survey conducted on over 100 people that aims at validating the evaluation results in a real-life application of comic style transfer.


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