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Neural Architecture Search in Graph Neural Networks

by   Matheus Nunes, et al.
Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais

Performing analytical tasks over graph data has become increasingly interesting due to the ubiquity and large availability of relational information. However, unlike images or sentences, there is no notion of sequence in networks. Nodes (and edges) follow no absolute order, and it is hard for traditional machine learning (ML) algorithms to recognize a pattern and generalize their predictions on this type of data. Graph Neural Networks (GNN) successfully tackled this problem. They became popular after the generalization of the convolution concept to the graph domain. However, they possess a large number of hyperparameters and their design and optimization is currently hand-made, based on heuristics or empirical intuition. Neural Architecture Search (NAS) methods appear as an interesting solution to this problem. In this direction, this paper compares two NAS methods for optimizing GNN: one based on reinforcement learning and a second based on evolutionary algorithms. Results consider 7 datasets over two search spaces and show that both methods obtain similar accuracies to a random search, raising the question of how many of the search space dimensions are actually relevant to the problem.


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