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Network Modelling of Criminal Collaborations with Dynamic Bayesian Steady Evolutions

by   F. O. Bunnin, et al.

The threat status and criminal collaborations of potential terrorists are hidden but give rise to observable behaviours and communications. Terrorists, when acting in concert, need to communicate to organise their plots. The authorities utilise such observable behaviour and communication data to inform their investigations and policing. We present a dynamic latent network model that integrates real-time communications data with prior knowledge on individuals. This model estimates and predicts the latent strength of criminal collaboration between individuals to assist in the identification of potential cells and the measurement of their threat levels. We demonstrate how, by assuming certain plausible conditional independences across the measurements associated with this population, the network model can be combined with models of individual suspects to provide fast transparent algorithms to predict group attacks. The methods are illustrated using a simulated example involving the threat posed by a cell suspected of plotting an attack.


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