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NeRF–: Neural Radiance Fields Without Known Camera Parameters

by   Zirui Wang, et al.
University of Oxford

This paper tackles the problem of novel view synthesis (NVS) from 2D images without known camera poses and intrinsics. Among various NVS techniques, Neural Radiance Field (NeRF) has recently gained popularity due to its remarkable synthesis quality. Existing NeRF-based approaches assume that the camera parameters associated with each input image are either directly accessible at training, or can be accurately estimated with conventional techniques based on correspondences, such as Structure-from-Motion. In this work, we propose an end-to-end framework, termed NeRF–, for training NeRF models given only RGB images, without pre-computed camera parameters. Specifically, we show that the camera parameters, including both intrinsics and extrinsics, can be automatically discovered via joint optimisation during the training of the NeRF model. On the standard LLFF benchmark, our model achieves comparable novel view synthesis results compared to the baseline trained with COLMAP pre-computed camera parameters. We also conduct extensive analyses to understand the model behaviour under different camera trajectories, and show that in scenarios where COLMAP fails, our model still produces robust results.


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